01. Course Readiness and Introductions

Hello everyone,

Our module page settings don’t allow for comments posted directly on them at this time, which of course makes it hard for you to complete the first assignment requests. Please post your introductions on here directly below instead. As a reminder, here is the request listed under item #4:

  • Finally, please post a short introduction for yourself in the comments section below.
    Don’t forget to include your name, major, and why you are taking the course. Also, add an image of your artwork or artwork you admire so you can get used to sharing images if you aren’t familiar with how to do that on WordPress. I’ll be looking for all 4 of those items to get to know a bit about you, and please take the time to comment on other posts. That is part of your participation points for this class.

Thank you!

– Annie

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  1. To get the conversation started here I thought I’d make the first post

    My name is Annie Duffy. I’m a professional painter and sculptor who primarily focuses on the intersection between art, circumpolar science, and the environment of the North. For these reasons UAF is the perfect place for me to create my work and collaborate with some amazing scientists and artists. I look forward to helping each of you enjoy Color Theory as much as I do and hopefully making great work along the way.

    – A

    1. Sarah Griffen-Lotz

      Hi Annie, I’m also fascinated by the places where art and science meet. My entire approach to environmental designs and renders changed when I took a geography course. I’m excited to learn more about color theory this semester!


      Hi Annie!
      I believe I was enrolled in one of your classes back in 2014, which I unfortunately had to withdraw from. I am very grateful for your background and the opportunity to learn more about consciously applying color and design in my own artwork.

  2. Lucy Keturi

    Hi everyone! My name is Lucy Keturi. My major is interdisciplinary studies (this is a fancy way of saying I get to choose classes that will go towards a major I have created!) My focus is to help troubled youth. I find art to be really calming and feel it will help in relaxing as well as communicating with youth.


    This is a photo of trees that really speaks to me. It is not one I have taken but rather one that I have found on the internet.

    1. Hi Lucy. 🙂 Art can be pretty relaxing. I find it soothing to draw and paint while listening to music or audiobooks. I recommend the audiobook, “Dawn of Wonder” by Jonathan Renshaw. It’s 25 hours or so long and it is wonderful to listen to while drawing and painting.

    2. Sarah Griffen-Lotz

      Hi Lucy! I’m an interdisciplinary major too. It’s awesome that you aim to use art as a tool to connect with troubled youths. Art is very calming and centering, and can carry people through even the toughest times in life. I like the photo you chose, it’s very pretty.

    3. Elliot Hunker

      I’m to am an interdisciplinary major! I work at the Elementary School here in Talkeetna, and see exactly how much art can operate as therapy and communication for even the youngest humans. Here’s to a successful semester.

    4. Hi, Lucy. I love that you want to work with troubled youth. My husband is a counselor with a local youth program and they bring in special programs periodically. There is definitely a need for it!

    5. Chasity M. Joseph

      I’ve thought about art personally as a release. To me it’s not a distraction from the world around me but instead a way to focus my thoughts. It drains all the pent up ideas and emotions to the point I am then able to relax! In my head it’s the difference between calming the waters I drowned in and draining the waters away (if that makes sense). I’m really glad there are people out there who share the healing that can come with art!

  3. Hello, my name is Callie Bennett. I’m a freshman in college pursuing a Music ed degree along with a minor in art. My main reason to take this class was to fulfill some required classes but I also want to get better at using acrylic paints.
    I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I live on a farm with Icelandic sheep, goats, horses, chickens, cats, and 3 Maremma sheepdogs. I enjoy playing the violin, writing fantasy novels, watercolor painting, and playing around in my aqua colored aerial silks.

    Here is a photo of one of my acrylic paintings that I really enjoyed creating with paint knives and my fingers.

    1. Chasity M. Joseph

      Hi yes, I’d like to be friends with you now! I also want to write fiction novels and poetry books at some point and hopefully design my own covers. I mainly handle acrylics but would love to learn watercolors too. I did Acrobatic dancing for a short period (like really short) but I’ve always wanted to try the silks. Your little farm house life sounds so calming and picturesque!

      1. Hi Charity. That’s so cool you want to write fiction novels and poetry books. I would love to design my own covers too! Aerial silks are soo fun. You should definitely give them a try. 🙂 I love my farm life and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

  4. bperson4

    Hi, My name is Bryana. I am pursuing a child development bachelors with a focus on family support. I am dual minoring in Spanish and art. I have always liked to dabble in various art forms but have just recently started actively building my visual art skills. I am excited about exploring color in this class. I hope to walk away from this class with a better confidence and knowledge in using color in my work.
    This is a drawing that I did a couple of months ago.

  5. Sarah Griffen-Lotz

    Hey everyone, my name is Sarah Griffen-Lotz. I’m a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. I’m taking this course to strengthen my color theory fundamentals. I’ve been a 3D artist for about 4 years, and have not taken any courses where color theory is the main focus. It’s awesome that we’ll be working in acrylic paints this semester! My typical medium is 3D and I haven’t painted very much in the past couple of years.

    Here’s a digital painting from an artist whose work I really love:

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Sounds like you are in good company with the other interdisciplinary students in the class. 🙂 The color theory principles should apply to 3D work as well, and I make a great deal of sculpture, so we should have fun this semester.

    2. Chasity M. Joseph

      Wow I love that digital art look. I want to eventually get into that area but I currently work mostly with traditional methods like acrylic painting and colored pencils. I can’t wait to see your work this semester!

  6. geball2

    My name is Gabriel. I’m a Junior and working on my BA in art and have a minor in business. I’m a woodworker and chose this class because I really enjoy finding ways to incorporate color into my work. I thought this class would be a good learning opportunity for me.
    I added a link a website featuring some segmented wood sculptures. They are made using hundreds and sometime thousands of individual pieces. I’m attempting to learn as much as I can and hopefully be able to put one together by the end of the semester.

    1. ehunker

      Gabriel, those photos you linked to the segmented wooden sculptures are amazing. I had no idea that something like this existed, and now my mind is blown. Thank you, and good luck on a successful semester.

    2. Hi Gabriel,

      Yes, those wood pieces are definitely inspiring. Our last project for the semester is “artist’s choice”, so keep in mind ways you can combine our color and design efforts with your woodwork. That would be really exciting to see.

    3. Chasity M. Joseph

      The patience that must be necessary with those woodwork pieces is insane! They are so beautiful I’m really looking forward to how you will incorporate colors into those patterns. I’ve always wanted to work with wood but more in the sense of large furniture pieces.

  7. Kalie Allison

    Hello class!! My name is Kalie and I am becoming a paramedic. I am new to Art. I don’t draw every day or have the experience most of you in this class have. But I am hoping it will change after this course is finished.

    1. Hi Kalie,

      Welcome! I think you’ll do great in this class. We designed it for a 100 level so that everyone can hopefully learn the principles without having to have a lot of experience. If you ever run into any trouble, please reach out to me.

    2. Chasity M. Joseph

      Honestly I’ve only just got back into art too. I sort of pushed it to the side thinking I’d strive for a better more stable career path. I know we will both grow and develop this semester!

  8. Dawn Schlosser

    Hello Peoples. My name is Dawn, I’m currently majoring in art before I transfer (probably next year) to a school to finish out my degree in theater. I’m interested in color theory for a lot of reasons and from a number of angles. I hope to improve my myriad visual arts, as well as to hone my skills in set painting and improve color choice in costuming. I am currently a working costumer for a number of regional theaters.

    Are images only postable as links here? The instructions just say to try adding an image, but not how. And I assume it’s different when replying vs when actually posting?

    1. Ann Gebauer

      Hey Dawn! I tried to attach an image and could not figure it out either. I posted an image link, but I don’t think it works. I’m sure someone will point us in the right direction soon enough haha.

    2. Hello Dawn, and everyone else,

      Thanks for letting me know about the image issue. I’ll check into and send out a group email. In the interim please share a link if you can. If not, that’s alright.

      And Dawn, it’s so great to have theater represent here too. Welcome!

    3. Chasity M. Joseph

      I actually looked at designing costumes as well! There is so much I want to do that it almost all seems impossible. I enjoy watching movies/shows like Alice in Wonderland or Carnival Row seeing the FX makeup and theatrical outfits. This website is a bit confusing for sure I’m not confident in my technology skills.

  9. Ann Gebauer

    Hello! My name is Ann and I am an art major with an english minor with the intent of being a secondary education teacher! I took this course because it is a requirement for my major while still being something that looked interesting. I am stoked to take this class and see what it’s all about!
    Below I’ll attach a picture of an acrylic piece I did titled, “Mountain Flower.”

    /Users/Ann/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 11.43.26 AM.png

  10. cindy Hickman

    Hello my name is Cindy, I am a freshman at UAF and I am majoring in art. I am taking this class because my adviser said that I would need it to progress in my major. I also think color is a really powerful way to add extra expression to a piece, and I would really benefit and enjoy improving my methods of using color.

    I also really do not know how to add photos onto a wordpress comment other than a URL.

  11. kmcarroll2

    Hello! My name is Kevin Carroll I am a Mechanical Engineering major and am taking this course for my art minor. I have done alot of art work in the black and white media i.e graphite, charcoal etc. however i really want to explore more color in art and the mechanics behind it.I was going to post a piece i drew in beginning drawing with water color accented in micron pens however as many of you i cant really figure out how? Here is a link of my favorite colorist ” maxfield parrish” https://pixels.com/featured/daybreak-maxfield-parrish.html hope that works

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Yes, others have run into that issue as well. What we’ll probably do is share our images via google drive links, but I want to look into the problem a little more first. And yes, Maxfield Parrish is great!

    2. Chasity M. Joseph

      The piece you chose to show reminds me of one of my favorite artists Anastasia Trusova. Her work is more textured and done with Acrylic I think. I’m actually working on developing some of my black and white work. Color is my strong point simply because it astounds me we have the ability to see it and feel emotions from it. However, i recognize the importance and beauty of black and white. I really hope that I can get it stashed in my belt of knowledge.

    1. klzinnerzwink

      I guess my first entry didn’t work. My name is Kat and I have been working on a broad scale (painting/remodeling houses) with art for several years with no formal training. Last semester I took Beginning Drawing and loved it so much that I want to continue with more formal art training. I have been a healthcare professional for the past 20 years and now have the ability to take classes for pleasure rather than requirements. I do not have a major as I completed college 20 years ago. Yay!! Time for fun. See above for my example of art I love.

      1. Chasity M. Joseph

        I’ve been planning out my future home since middle school from color schemes to architectural ideas! I love the idea of living in a home that is 100% individual. Not to mention all that you can do with recycling decor. The possibilities are near endless.

    1. Chasity M. Joseph

      Light and shadows is probably one of my biggest points i need to work on. I really want to be able to translate it through my work. I admire the artists that can capture the look.

  12. My name is Lara. I graduated with a degree in technical theatre last spring, and decided to come finish an art degree as well. My specific goals for this class are to improve the skills I need to provide renderings for my set designs, and to push my ideas and inspiration for scenic design in general. This was my senior project for set, lighting, projection and props design https://laralotze.com/this-girl-laughs-this-girl-cries-this-girl-does-nothing/

  13. Hi everyone my name is Chasity, I am currently only going to college for my associates in arts. This course provides me with necessary credits but also the motivation I need to do art. I have a habit of pushing my creativity to the side in life.

    My favorite artists right now are the painters Anastasia Trusova, Elly Smallwood, Hanna Lemoine, and Ivan Alifan.

    I’ve linked a painting I’ve done (I think? I’m not tech savvy)

    1. Hi Chasity,

      Yes, when I clicked on your name I was able to see your Instagram account. Earlier tonight I sent out some instructions for Google Drive to hopefully make sharing our assignments a bit easier. If you ever run into technical trouble let me know. The eCampus team is very helpful with these things.

  14. Amber Shoemaker

    Hello, my name is Amber Shoemaker and I am an English Major, Minoring in Fine Art. My game plan is to become a high school English Teacher than integrates the use of Art into daily curriculum. I am taking this class because I need to know everything that I can about Color Theory… I am also taking Intro to Painting this semester and look forward to an art-filled next couple of months.
    I’m not entirely sure how to share an image on here, but I would like to share my final that I drew for Jamie Smith’s Intro to Drawing last semester…

    1. Hi Amber,

      We’ll be sharing our images via Google Drive. Once they are uploaded there, you can then share a link on this site as long as you make sure the sharing is set to “public” rather than “private”. When you have a chance, please do share the drawing. I’m curious!

    2. Isabella Darrah

      i loved Jamie’s drawing class. I think those are great ideas for teaching with english and art- i can remember many times some of my favorite english teachers did the same.

  15. Kayley

    Hello! My name is Kayley, I originally applied to college for a degree in dental hygiene but now I’m not sure what I want to do. I am taking this class in hopes to improve my artwork.

    Some of my inspirations growing up are Vincent Van Gogh, Hayao Miyazaki, Tim Burton, and John Dilworth (I prefer doing cartooning myself).



    Hello everyone!
    My name is Kelsee and I am an Art major who actually began as a Wildlife Biology major. I think this will be a fun group of people!
    I am taking this class as part of my major requirements but am excited to take it because of how fascinating I find color theory.
    I am also originally from Detroit, Michigan. I drove to Fairbanks with my dog when I was 17, in 2012, and have been here on and off ever since. I have been fortunate enough to travel to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, and Indonesia since.
    I think when we travel we have the opportunity to view and be inspired by color and design of many different frameworks, no pun intended.

    1. ahatfield2

      Hi Kelsee! I am also a Wildlife Biology-turned-Art Major! I think environmental fields, like Wildlife Biology, and art often go hand in hand and, if I were to do this all over again, I would definitely want to combine these two passions of mine into an Interdisciplinary degree.

      1. Wow Kelsee, that sounds like quite an adventure! I’m glad to have you both in this class. There is a long tradition of biology and art overlapping, especially in the more remote frontiers.

  17. I have never used WordPress so bare with me. I would gladly take any instruction.
    I am uncertain how to share my own documents, so instead I have shared a website address to a famous Cape Dorset print. I enjoy strong contrasts and bright colors. Fauvism, is a favorite style of mine.

  18. Melinda Farmer

    Hello all! My name is Melinda Farmer. I am a senior at UAF graduating this spring 2020 semester with a dual degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Marketing) and Digital Design. I am taking this course because I believe it is a fundamental building block of any art major. I’ve never used this site before but I think I’m posting this in the right place?? Anyways, I look forward to working with all of you!

      1. Hi Melinda,

        Thanks! Yes, you are posting in the right place. Every week we will have a separate thread post for each assignment, so you are right on track. Tonight’s announcement that I sent out via Blackboard should alleviate some of the confusion about image posting. If not, please let me know, I’m here to help!

  19. Otso Elliott

    Hi, my name is Otso. I am a freshman at UAF and I’m hoping to go into Illustration and Concept Design. I’m excited to take this class and experiment more with different colors this semester in this class and in my drawing class.

  20. ahatfield2

    Hello! My name is Abby and I am on my last few courses to finish my degree. I am working towards a BA in Art, concentrating on Photography, with an Art History minor. Due to transferring schools and changing majors a few times, I have ended up taking my basic art requirements a bit out of order. I wish I had taken this class years ago but I’m excited to be taking it now! I think color theory is so important to all of the art concentrations, however, I am fairly nervous about this class as I am definitely NOT a painter and have only ever attempted painting using watercolors.

  21. Jessen Cao

    Hi! I’m Jessen and I’m a math major at UAA. I’m taking a couple art classes while I finish up my degree. I wanted to take Color and Design because I would like to feel more confident about my color choices and understanding color harmony, so I was really excited to see that this class was offered online!

    One of my favorite artists is James Jean, and I really like this piece from 2009: https://arrestedmotion.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/LiberNovus.jpg

  22. Maya Cheydleur

    Hi! My name is Maya and I am currently an undeclared major, I am fairly certain I want to be a teacher but for now I’m just kind of exploring different classes/interests while I figure that out! I’m not a trained artist by any means and I’m really not a practiced one either! I’m just taking this course to hopefully learn some more skills because I’ve always been interested in art in general.

  23. Isabella Darrah

    Hi everyone! My name is Isabella Darrah. I’m close to completing my degree in the psych program here at the U with a minor in art. I’m happy to be taking this class for my minor. I’m not interested in art therapy so much, as one might assume. My true ambition is to work as a health psychologist, which concerns the study of how outside factors (environmental, emotional, mental) affect physical health.

    here is my most recent self portrait i did last spring in my drawing class https://www.instagram.com/p/B7pLxbPlpB7/

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