05b. Museum/Art Gallery Visit

Hello everyone,

Please post your photo of an analogous or contemporary painting from a recent museum or art gallery visit below. Please include the following information:

  1. Title of artwork.
  2. Artist’s name.
  3. Location viewed at.
  4. Why the piece an example of either analogous or complementary color harmony.
  5. Why you chose the piece. (What drew you to it.)
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  1. Sarah Griffen-Lotz


    1. Summer Haze, Lake Chabot
    2. Nancy Roberts
    3. Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek, California
    4. It is a predominately analogous color palette of yellow-green, green, and blue-green in the foreground. The background hills have hints of red and purple tones, however it is not the dominant palette.
    5. I was drawn to it initially because the colors were so soothing, and I liked the geometric looking brushwork. When I got closer and read the title, I liked it even more because I used to go to Lake Chabot growing up. I’ve been camping and fishing there, but haven’t been back probably since I was about 16. The soothing color palette the artist chose reminds me of how calm and quiet Lake Chabot always was, especially during early mornings out on a dock fishing.

  2. Gabriel Ball


    1. Rescue Dog
    2. Kay Marshall
    3. UAF Museum
    4. This piece is an example of complimentary color harmony. The artist uses a range of blues and oranges to create a striking contrast between the dog, man, and water.
    5. I really enjoy the abstracted style of the painting. To me it helps to create a sense of motion and drama. The color choices do a good job of making the characters pop out from the rest of the scene.

  3. Bryana Angulo

    The title of the art is “Daisies a round vase, red” by Jessie Hedden. I viewed this piece at Well Street Gallery in Fairbanks, Alaska. I thought this was an example of complementary color. I liked how the background of the painting was green and red and the vase and flowers were blue and orange. I really loved the composition and her style. I liked the way she loosely painted the parts of this piece but was thoughtfull in theplacement of the vase and the color choices. I really enjoyed it and would liketo see more of her work.

  4. KatZZ


    1. Joy
    2. Jacqui Ertischek
    3. 2 Friends a most unusual gallery (Anchorage)
    4. Analogous colors of light blue, teal and violet
    5. I love the expressiveness of this piece. As soon as I saw it I felt freedom and happiness and as the title states, Joy. The colors are soothing and carefree. One can almost feel the total release of tension in the expressive positioning of arms, legs and head. I want to open my arms and twirl just as the image in the picture. It is absolutely delightful and lovely in a time of political and social ugliness.

  5. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16IElbWtjCN5Hqx5-xejHVA6skTo8f7ig

    1.Kennecott Copper Mine
    2. Norman Lowell
    3. Norman Lowell Art Gallery (Anchor Point)
    4. Analogous colors of red, red-orange, and orange.
    5. I love this piece so much because I actually got to visit the Kennecott Copper Mine with my family and cousins. This piece just fills me with delight because the mine looked almost exactly like this painting. I had a glorious time at Kennecott; visiting museums, learning about the copper industry, and getting to see all the tiny houses the families lived in when the copper mine was still running. This painting just seems to bring the mine to life, because right now, of course, the mine is no longer in business but is a permanent museum. I think what drew me most to the painting was the rich use of reds and oranges. Norman Lowell’s paintings are always so rich with color and the fall themes ones are my favorites.

  6. Melinda Farmer

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Chicago Institute of Art
    This piece is an example of analogous color harmony because the hues are predominantly in the cool section of the blues and purples.
    I was drawn to this piece because though it is a simple ocean wave, there is a lot of detail in it. There is no defined shape but the control of the brushstroke defines the subject. It is hard for me to do realistic clouds or waves because it is mostly in brushwork- a balance between technique and freedom of stroke.

  7. Yellow Poppy

    Kim Marcucci

    Hotel Captain Cook

    The colors were Complementary in nature since they were mainly the purple background and yellow abstract flower of sorts.

    The flower reminded me of Louisiana with its colors. I’m currently working on a commission drawing with the state themes. I also was a bit surprised the piece was fairly half and half which I thought was an art no no. I wondered if the stem cutting threw it or perhaps the slight asymmetrical value to it meant it didn’t break any “rules”.

  8. Lucy Keturi

    my piece is an example of complimentary colors.

    Title of artwork. Starry Night
    Artist’s name.Van Gogh
    Location viewed at. Louvre Paris
    this is an example of complimentary colors
    I have always wanted to see this famous piece and was so thrilled to actually see it. The calming swirls of stars and the moon are dream like in quality as well as the muted village is just perfectly enough painted to be real but not detract from the night sky. The blues and yellows are complimentary colors are calming and bring on a feeling of peace to me.

  9. ahatfield2


    Houses of Parliament, London (1900-01) by Claude Monet

    I saw this painting at a recent visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. I was immediately drawn to it because of the beautiful impressionistic cityscape and soft colors. I think that this is an interesting, muted example of complementary color harmony. When I think of complementary colors, I (for some reason) think of bold colors and high contrast, which is how I translated that assignment with my own painting. This piece, however, is a much better example of complementary colors in my opinion. The primary colors that jump out to me are tones of blue and orange, which actually do complement each other so well here. They are soft and pair really nicely together.

  10. Lara Lotze

    Etching with moon and 2 ravens
    Jacqueline Jones-Butler
    Well Street Art Gallery, Fairbanks Alaska
    This piece uses complimentary color harmony.
    I like this piece because the color harmony is subtle, and the purple accentuates the yellow in an interesting way. The representational aspects of the piece are done in dark tones, black and blues, the brighter colors are used specifically to highlight, and I like the way the purple really makes the yellow stand out, without being a specific thing or shadow itself.

    I found a second piece as well, which I enjoyed intellectually because of our assignments, as opposed to having a more emotional response to the first piece, but I thought it was worth sharing since the complimentary harmonies are so bold and direct and obvious. I do enjoy how the colors are layered and contrasted, I just usually like more subtle, muted colors like the first piece.
    Denali, North Side at Dusk
    John Jodwalis
    Well Street Art Gallery, Fairbanks Alaska

  11. Amber Shoemaker

    My Yellow Boots
    Janice Cleworth
    Well Street Art Gallery, Fairbanks AK
    This painting is mainly analogous colors of yellow, blue and green.
    I was drawn to this painting because it’s really beautiful. I was looking at it for a while before I realized that it fit the criteria of this assignment. I enjoy the different textures and values. Watercolor intimidates me, greatly, and i’m always in awe whenever I find something that I love painted in watercolor.

  12. Amelia Anderson

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    Moly Doly
    Alaska, USA
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  13. JaidenReed

    I was drawn to this painting because it’s really beautiful. I was looking at it for a while before I realized that it fit the criteria of this assignment. I enjoy the multicolour super mini bag gucci different textures and values. Watercolor intimidates me, greatly, and i’m always in awe whenever I find something that I love painted in watercolor.

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