07a: Hue, Value, and Saturation

Please post your hue responses to the module at https://coloranddesign.community.uaf.edu/07-hue-vs-value/ below.

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  1. KatZZ


    Although it does not show up well on the photo, I was pleased with the results of the Value Scales I did. I only used red, blue, yellow, black and white. The center color for each is the color directly from the tube and I gently added black or white to change the Value. For the Desaturation, I only used red, blue and yellow to create the level of saturation. The darker colors are clearly defined on the original but did not transmit well with the photo.

  2. Sarah Griffen-Lotz

    1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VeV7IAWIn8zwvmeuZewtVfgD-AYsgAJ8

    The value scale was straightforward enough. I started in the middle with each primary, then gradually mixed in either white or black depending on if I was doing a tint or a shade. Each color had its own sensitivity to white or black, the ratios between them were all different. Yellow in particular was pretty weak, I had to be extremely careful while mixing that.

    2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jKBCtqxeunFQ0sqdBp0Z_-y_3dYUMQlC

    The desaturation scale was a bit trickier, especially mixing 6 different colors for each primary. Making each square look just a little different and not too similar from the last was hard. I started by putting a primary color on one side of my palette then mixing a good amount of medium grey on the other side. Then, I incrementally mixed in tiny amounts of grey with each color to achieve a gradient effect all the way to maximum desaturation. Once again, the yellow was pretty touchy. I added yellow back in more than once because the grey kept overpowering it.

    1. KatZZ

      I had the same problem. Although my gradient was clearly defined in person, it did not transmit well in the photograph. It took a lot of patience on my part to get the blue clearly defined as well.

  3. Bryana Angulo

    I found this excercise very satisfying. I started in the middle with the paint straioght out of the tube then added a little white to lighten bit by bit moving towards the lightest. Then I added black to the original color bit by bit in the other direction.


  4. I was slightly confused on how to complete this assignment but I think I did it right. (Maybe?)
    It was difficult getting the right shades by mixing paint but I think I managed.

    Value Scales:

    De-saturation Scales:

    The yellow was the hardest color to deal with in showing the saturation. It looks green when mixed with colors on the cool side of the color wheel. I enjoyed tackling this project as it allowed me to play around with more shades of the primary colors. I like mixing paints. 🙂

  5. I liked doing this assignment, doing an environment is something that I normally don’t do since i’m more into character work and concept art, but I really liked doing a desert environment since you can do so much with the structure and rocks. Since I used a digital medium my value squares were pretty easy. I’m lumping the value squares and the atmospheric assignment together because I couldn’t access comments for that assignment.

  6. While the photo may not display it clearly, I was content with the outcome of the Value Scales that I created. To produce them, I solely relied on five colors – red, blue, yellow, black, and white. For each scale, I utilized the original color directly from the tube as the central color and carefully added either black or white to modify its value. As for the Desaturation, I limited myself to red, blue, and yellow to achieve the desired saturation levels. Although the original darker shades are well-defined, their depiction did not come through well in the photo. Use it calculadora alicia

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