07b: Atmospheric Perspective

Please post your atmospheric perspective painting responses to the module at https://coloranddesign.community.uaf.edu/07-hue-vs-value/ below.

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  1. KatZZ


    I loved this project! I was inspired by the view on Turnagain Arm when heading to Alyeska to ski last Sunday.

    Sorry about the wrinkles. I used the back side of one of my old paintings for this one since my sketch pad pages are so small (and not mixed media compatible). I used blue, white, red and a tiny bit of yellow to create the brown twigs in the front. I used the wrong brush for the twigs which is why they are so chunky. Lesson learned! This is also the first painting in which I used 4 different brushes for the different effects in the painting.

  2. Sarah Griffen-Lotz


    After painting this assignment on an 18×24 piece of paper, I realized that we were supposed to do this part in our sketchbook. Sorry about that! For this assignment, I wanted to make a jungle mountain scene. I used green out of the tube mixed with grey and started with the farthest back layer. With each layer, I took what was already mixed and added more green until it was enough of a step up. This took a few attempts per layer until it looked different enough from the last. Working on this was really fun and meditative.

    1. KatZZ

      Great job! Maybe push the furthest mountain with a little more tint and the closest with more shade to create more depth until it was almost black closest to the viewer?

  3. Lara Lotze

    I seem to have a leaf theme going this semester, maybe it’s just the snow outside. I decided to do an orchard row. I made the leaf shadows in a bluer green and the highlights in a yellower green, and staggered a step of the tint shift for a little more contrast. (So if the shadow base hue was the second tree from the right, the highlight base hue was the first tree) I wasn’t as careful stepping the tint/shade for the road or the hedge, but tried to keep it an even progression.


    1. KatZZ

      Great idea using the one point perspective! I like that you used more than one color to create the depth. I think if you made your trees further back even smaller, it would add to the depth of the picture. Great job!

    1. It looks a little bit like butterfly wings. I donโ€™t know what but the shapes are like stained glass butterflies. How did you get the purple? I tried mixing red and blue but it came out more like a blue grey.

  4. I had fun with this one! It took a lot of paint to get the colors right. I used one color of blue and mixed it with white to achieve the right shades. I had to do one coat of each color then let it dry for a while. I came back later on the day to finish adding the last layer of paint. Afterward, I added a few lines with an ink pen to add definition.

    I didn’t really have trouble with this one although it was frustrating to get the paint to not look see-through. I had to thin some out with water just to get it to stretch across the page. The end result was lots and lots of paint.


  5. Amber Shoemaker

    I made two of these. I’m not exactly happy with them, I do feel like they could both use a bit more detail. My 20 month old daughter broke her leg the other day and I have had no time for creativity at all. I’m trying.
    I prefer the second one over the first one because I do prefer the abstract look.

    1. Sarah Griffen-Lotz

      Oh my gosh, poor baby ๐Ÿ™ Hope she feels better soon. Both your paintings have a lot of motion from your brush strokes. I like your abstract take on this project in the second painting, it’s really cool and original!

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