05b. Museum/Art Gallery Visit

Hello everyone,

Please post your photo of an analogous or contemporary painting from a recent museum or art gallery visit below. Please include the following information:

  1. Title of artwork.
  2. Artist’s name.
  3. Location viewed at.
  4. Why the piece an example of either analogous or complementary color harmony.
  5. Why you chose the piece. (What drew you to it.)

03. Analogous Color Harmony

Hello everyone,

This week’s assignment will be about learning analogous color harmony. Please review our module page at https://coloranddesign.community.uaf.edu/03-analogous-color-harmony/ to learn details about our assignment.

As usual, please posts your results in the comment section below. Also, when using Google Drive to share your images, please make sure your folder/image share settings are set to “public” so everyone can see your work and give you feedback.

Have a great week!

– Annie